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Playboy pin marriage girl Kendra Wilkinson, is too strong to be shaken sex tape. Her friend revealed that the alleged sex tape are not going to affect her marriage to Hank Baskett.


One of her friends said that sex tape shows that the time of her life when she was young. She was only 18 years old and was madly in love with her, the other Justin Fry. But the fact is, Kendra, shared by all these facts with Hank, before they were married.

“It happened when she was young. He already knew about it. She told him about it before they got married.
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The source also added that since the mother of 5-month-old son Hank Baskett IV, revealed all these things her husband, so it will not influence her marriage.

“She was young and in love with her boyfriend, and thought that she would marry him, and he just was not that way.

“Kendra and Hank will be just fine.”

Dirty sex tape, in which Kendra has sex with her former boyfriend, makes all the necessary sounds. This sex tape will be launched today, Vivid Entertainment.

When the news came that the sex tape going to be public, she was too careful. But when she learned that she can get the amount of the vulgar that tape, she has given the green signal. Her ex-boyfriend sold the tape to Vivid Entertainment for the colossal 100,000 USD, and it should get about 50 percent of its profits.


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After her sex tape was unfortunately released by an angry ex-boyfriend, the 24-year-old blonde started to take control of the situation. She talked to Us Magazine about the issue and how she’s dealing with it with her husband, Hank Baskett.

“It just sucks because it’s the hardest thing to deal with right now, and it’s hard on Hank,” Wilkinson said. “It’s hard on him because it involves another guy, of course, and it’s hard on him because of our son and everything.”

Still, the Basketts are pulling through. “He’s doing a good thing. He’s understanding. [He says], ‘We just have to hold our heads up high because we’re gonna get attacked, but we can’t run. We have to face it,” she explained.


Kendra and her husband, Hank Baskett will celebrate its one year anniversary next month, but it seems they may receive unwanted gift. Vivid Entertainment plans to release the tape in the main roles of sex former Playboy Playmate – a lot of anxiety. According to sources, Ms. Baskett knew the tapes existed, but did not expect and did not want to become public.

The video was shot back in 2005, when Kendra only 18. The Star reality show has made efforts to stop the video from the release and its reps told OK Magazine, “lawyers Kendra is currently evaluating and conducting human Kendra regarding the alleged video and any third party concerning the possible sale of, reproduction and distribution of same.

Regardless of the legal battle, a bright, announced today that he was going. “Tapes brought to us by third parties, and after consultation with our lawyers, we are confident our right to distribute it. We were trying to Kendra, but so far not been successful. So we decided to release ‘Kendra Exposed’ in shops across the country by the end of May, “said Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid.

Kendra Wilkinson Tape, “Exposed Kendra“, released Wednesday: A nearly $ 700 000 controls, is her marriage to survive and a torrent of public interest … Kendra Wilkinson exposed video hit the net and has become a sensation. Playboy star exposed video is available online and her fans are looking for her video. It has been one of the most search keywords on the net this time. Here’s news for those who want to see her naughty videos. According to the report, the 2 June Kendra’s video that she did with an ex-boyfriend, will release under the title “Kendra Exposed.” Her film was one of the best download the losses last week, but left the video entitled “Kendra Exposed Video” is that everyone else behind in the same category.